Stop Wasting Your Time! Discover how you can manage your business with less effort and time.

Time is a precious commodity you can’t get back and it is the one most wasted. Unlike other competing process serving software programs, ValetServe™ is not just a comprehensive management program; it’s an essential tool you absolutely must have and deserve.

ValetServe™ allows you to stop wasting precious time and effort on daunting tasks you don’t even enjoy doing and instead focus on what really matters…growing your business to become MORE PROFITABLE.

Why Choose ValetServe?

  • MONITOR all jobs from ONE LOCATION, QUICKLY and EASILY; eliminating the need to retain manual records or worksheets.
  • DOWNLOAD LEGAL DOCUMENTS for immediate processing.
  • Generate AUTOMATED JOB STATUS ALERTS and NOTIFICATIONS, without having to email or make countless phone calls.
  • RECORD SERVICE UPDATES and disbursements, eliminating the need to create status reports or manually track expenses.
  • Clients may REQUEST JOBS ONLINE, quickly and easily!
  • Generate pre-populated AFFIDAVITS and PROOF OF SERVICE forms within seconds, saving you significant time and money!
  • Automatically TRACK ALL ACTIVITIES performed by each user, so you don’t have to!
  • Automatically generate DETAILED INVOICES/BILLS and import them directly into QUICKBOOKS®.
  • Easily create and POST COMPANY MESSAGES or ANNOUNCEMENTS, without the need to send emails or newsletters


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